Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dance, my pets! Dance!

Yesterday,  I went into a thrift shop, and found not one, but two RoboSapiens in great condition, with a remote. Both were marked as $14.99, but they let me have one for $9.99, since there was only one remote.

$25! Not one, but two Robosapiens for $25! They normally go for $100 each! (YMMV)

Where did I find such a steal? Oh yeah, riiiight. like I'm going to reveal my sources on a public blog -- especially with a find like that.

I was thinking of hacking one of them. Wikipedia says they are very hackable, including their use in robot soccer, and, in fact there are many examples of hacked RoboSapien robots on YouTube.

Meanwhile, here they are, doing some synchronized dancing.

And so begins my mechanical army of minions.

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